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Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

     What if you could double your traffic and draw in qualified customers itching to buy from you - AND do it all for less than you've been paying?

     What if you knew that you could learn all of the essentials to advertise on Google with resounding success ... on VIDEO, and never have to crack a book?

     What if you knew that you could master everything you need in order to have effective ads pulling in business from the Internet, just 29 minutes from now?

     Well pay close attention, because I'm going to show you a completely new way that will bring high-octane traffic pouring in to your website, literally in a matter of minutes.



Do You Hate Reading Manuals? Good!

     Hi, my name is Perry Marshall. Through my instruction, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs like yourself have learned to succeed through Google AdWords, the great new marketing medium for everyman. Google has leveled the playing field, and now smaller businesses such as yours can stand up side by side with the big corporations and have equal voice to tell the world about your solution to their problem.

     Companies like your own are taking back millions of dollars from lumbering, bureaucratic corporations, through the amazing power of Google AdWords. Still others are actually partnering with corporate America, through the magic of affiliate marketing, to access millions of people these companies otherwise could never reach.

     Savvy entrepreneurs - the ones who know the rules (and how to break them, when necessary) are making a killing in this new, hyperspeed game. You too can win at AdWords, and it need not be risky or expensive at all.

     However... getting started on learning the basics has typically meant one of two things:

  (1) You either sludge through the whole process by yourself, trial and error, losing money right and left, and get your head smashed in by high-dollar competitors until you finally figure out (months and months from now) how the thing really works.

  (2) Or, you slog through hundreds of pages of dense, dry text that makes your eyeballs ache drolling out detail after irrelevant, useless detail ... days turn into weeks before you can figure out how to set up just a simple Google campaign. But now ...

     You can learn it all instantly, on video, with nothing to download, ever!

     You read me right. You can learn everything you need to know and you don't have to read a manual. You don't have to go wade through some 300-page book. Everything you need is on video. Just sit and watch - then execute. Pause where you need to pause; review what you need to review. It's always there for you.


You See, There's a Reason Why Video is the Fastest Way to Learn:

     You don't want to just read about AdWords. You want to see it done.

     So that's exactly what you get: AdWords and the art of direct marketing, unfolding before your very eyes, in concise, 2-6 minute segments that zero in on the exact topic you want to explore.

     What we give you is hard visuals. Real life examples of ad campaigns and performance reports, displayed and explained as you watch & listen. Real-time videos of scoping out your competition, collecting fat lists of great keywords, writing your ads, seeing results - No dull descriptions, no bland technical jargon. The action happens on video right in front of you.

     It's Like Having a World-Class Expert in a Chair Right Next to You at your PC, Leading You Step-By-Step Through the Whole Process!

Now you can vanquish the learning curve and be up and running at lightning speed. There's no waiting, no complexity. Just watch, learn and then do.

     You won't find a faster, easier, more entertaining way to learn the ropes to AdWords anywhere. You just won't. 



Here's How You Can Automatically Draw in Customers and Cash, Morning, Evening and While You Sleep, For Weeks, Months ... Even Years:

     I've sold millions of dollars of products on the web since 1997, when I was national sales manager at a hi-tech startup in Chicago. Today I consult with dozens of companies in software, publishing, manufacturing and information marketing. A day's work for me might include everything from direct mail campaigns, press conferences and copywriting to drafting a business plan for a product launch.

     But do you know what? Two thirds of the time, Google AdWords is the first tool I put in place for a new client. AdWords is, hands down, the fastest way to bring new customers to a cash-hungry business.

     I started advertising on Google before most people even knew you could do that. And my clients' websites would go from zero traffic to hundreds or thousands of visitors per day, literally overnight.

     Since then, I've become one of a tiny handful of experts on this new advertising medium. As I began speaking at Internet conferences and coaching other marketers, I saw how hungry people are for good information on this subject - and how hard it is to find anyone who truly knows it from the inside out.

     Now my associates and I have developed a comprehensive toolkit. It's called The Definitive Video Guide to Google AdWords.



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     It's absolutely the most hyper-accelerated way to beat the learning curve, get new customers and put more dollars in your pocket.


Unfair Advantages!

You'll Gain these By Having this Precision-Focused Arsenal in Your Hands:


The Definitive Video Guide to Google AdWords arms you with a slew of high-impact tools and ideas, including:

  • The Fast-Start Guide, which gives you a Blow-by-Blow example of setting up a real Google AdWords campaign for a real company: The wrong way (very typical, and it always fails) and the right way 

  • The Latest Twist on Google's mounting popularity: Some surprising news you've been hoping to hear

  • The little-known Difference Between Google & Overture that smart marketers can exploit

  • The Amazing "2-Minute Tweak" that will allow you to consistently zero in on new, untouched markets at prices that undercut your competitors. (They don't know about this ... yet)

  • Google's New AdSense Feature: Is it really for you? Who should use it, and who shouldn't. (For some people, AdSense is a Godsend. For others, an unmitigated disaster. You'll find out which it is for you, before you've spent a thin dime.)

  • Insider Sales & Conversion Tracking Insights from an account management professional: How you can be on the ball with your numbers and turn solid profits in even the nastiest, most unforgiving markets

  • Surprising New Techniques to precision-focus your traffic to local markets ... Plus: a clever way to re-engineer your targeting to be doubly sure that local traffic doesn't slip through the cracks

  • All about Google's "Help-You-Out" Tool that keeps you from overlooking key niches in your market

  • If Only You Had Known: The real reason all those prospects didn't buy from you

  • The Crucial 80/20 Technique for boosting profits. Your competition will overlook this one completely

  • The Breakthrough Management Tool that gives you total control and mastery over every penny spent on every keyword in your list

  • The Split-Tester: The simple new tool that helps you outperform yourself, and makes you twice as confident as before that your numbers really are telling you the truth


But There's Something You Must Know About This Lightning-Fast, High-Profit, AdWords Training Breakthrough:

     Most people who go into Google and set up their campaigns do it all wrong from the very first click.

     And I mean, completely wrong.

     But I'll tell you the key "insider" secrets so that you don't have to make those mistakes. The core information you need in order to set up your campaigns the right way takes only 6-1/2 minutes to cover. That's all - literally just six-and-a-half minutes! And it will tell you the whole truth about how to get started on the right foot.

     There is simply no course anywhere in the world quite like this one: 

  • It's Quick & Easy to Load & Use: Use it with tools you already have on your system. (A high speed Internet connection is recommended.)

  • Accessible from Anywhere in the World: All you need is your favorite Internet browser; nothing else

  • Relevant: Learn the most critical tools you need to get ahead in the marketplace now

  • Makes You Money: Master the sales conversion process, cut costs and boost your profits

  • Keeps You Current: You'll be on top of all the latest trends in pay-per-click marketing

  • Clear, Quick and Simple: Get just the critical information you need to get your campaigns running the right way - right away

  • Interesting & Entertaining: You'll have a host of photos, animation, easy-to-read charts and real-life on-screen examples that keep it lively and allow you to have a little fun while you learn the ropes. (Yes, there are even a few ornery touches of humor here - all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, you know.)

  • Makes it Easy to find your topics when you need them: Use the simple point-and-click menu to go straight to the subject you want to learn about right now

  • Keeps You Focused: You won't get bogged down in heavy reading; there's no extra fluff and no difficult, heady information

  • Designed for You to Re-Discover: Go back and review any detail, whenever and wherever you like

     No manuals. No huge, bulky files. No obtuse explanations or abstract theory. Literally just click, sit back and watch. It's that unbelievably simple!

     It talks to you. It tells you what you need to do; and more importantly, it shows you what you need to do. It gives you all the steps. You don't have to do anything!



Click Here to Access Your Definitive Video Guide Now!


     There's no learning curve! You can get your AdWords campaigns up and running, NOT in 2 days, not 10 hours, not 1 hour, not even 45 minutes. Just 29 minutes. Thirty short minutes and you'll have your ads up and running and new customers will be knocking at your door.

     I'm not joking, not exaggerating.

  -You'll know exactly how to set up your ads

  -You'll know exactly what all Google's bells & whistles are all about

  -You'll know exactly how to create a perfect, seamless "marriage" between your ads and your website

  -You'll know exactly how to hone your ads for better performance

  -You'll know exactly how to find thousands of keywords related to your subject

  -You'll know exactly how to turn your website into a high-performance machine that will start making you big money. That's Why This is the Fastest, Most Condensed, Espresso Version of Learning AdWords Currently in Existence!

     What would you expect to pay for something that delivers such immediately useful information in such an amazingly simple, fun-to-use way?

     Just the very first 6 minute segment can save you $200, $500, $1000 per month, every month, as long as you advertise on Google. The section called "Huge, Huge Differences" (One minute and 25 seconds) will shave your cost of acquiring a customer by 20-70%.

     Listen up: We offer a money back guarantee - but Google doesn't. If you blow a few grand on clicks by setting your campaigns up, good luck getting your money back from them. Every single click you buy from Google costs money, and you're already almost certainly paying more for those clicks than you need to.

     You can't afford not to have this knowledge in your possession.


But That's Not All! You Also Get ...

  • A compact series of quick guides that show you the right way and wrong way to set up your campaigns, and the most common mistake that newbies make

  • Our interview with Rob Spiegel, editor of Marketing Smarter With Google, which explains the hidden factor that all successful advertisers have in common - and the fatal flaw that the failures also share

     You get all this - the Definitive Video Guide to Google AdWords, the bonuses, and the ongoing updates from me, for just $47.

     This investment will pay for itself not just once, but over and over again.

     I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't also tell you about the Deluxe version - the one that comes with my now-famous book, The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords. This is the most highly acclaimed reference ever published on AdWords in the entire direct marketing world. It's been praised by some of the most respected strategists and copywriters in the business, including Dan Kennedy, Yanik Silver, Jonathan Mizel, Marlon Sanders, Joe Vitale, John Carlton, Brian Keith Voiles, Carl Galletti, Gary Bencievenga, Ken McCarthy and Alex Mandossian - just to name a few. 

     You get the brand new Autumn 2004 version covering all updates. This is a vital supplement to the video, because it teaches nuances and strategies that are hard to convey on a screen. If you want to exploit the full potential of AdWords, this is a must.

     If you order the Deluxe Package, in addition to the Video and the Quick Start Guides, you also get:

  • The Perry Marshall Method for GoogleCash. Affiliate marketing with AdWords is a magic carpet ride when it works, but it can be a lot tougher than it looks. Perry uncovers his own unique strategy for identifying niche markets, minimizing risk and dramatically expanding the profitability of the GoogleCash model by 100% to 1000% - no joke.

  • Internet Traffic Stampede interview with Yanik Silver and Jim Edwards - listen as Yanik and Jim hammer Perry for two hard-hitting hours, divulging the nuances of the AdWords game.

Look - Here's the Bottom Line:

     Why would you invest in a toolkit like this? Only two reasons:

1. Because you'll get more clicks, more customers and fatter profit margins than you could get without these secrets 2. Because you'll get more people coming to your website, while at the same time saving money on every click, chopping your marketing cost and eliminating wasted ad dollars.

     My customers typically cut their cost per click by 30 to 50%, and often much more.



Click Here to Access Your Definitive Video Guide Now!


     So: If you're spending $5 per day buying clicks, and cut your click price in half (not unusual)... You'll save $75 per month - every month. Even with a tiny ad budget, the most basic, $47 version of the course will pay for itself - not just once, but every 3 weeks, over and over again!

     If you're spending $50 per day buying clicks, and you cut your price per click by just 25%... you'll save $375 a month - every month. The $97 enhanced toolkit will pay for itself - not just once, but every week! How many investments can say that?

     It's so simple: To watch the video, there's nothing to download; simply click and enter your billing info, and we'll provide you a link to your online video guide, and you can be on your way to bringing in new customers in minutes.

     To gain access to your Video Guide and start saving money and bringing in new customers in just 29 minutes, simply Click Here.


STOP! You Don't Know About

My Simple, No-Hassle, 3-Part Money-Back Guarantee Yet:

     1. If you're unhappy with this course for any reason, tell me within 30 days for a full and courteous refund. (Google sure doesn't guarantee your results - but I do!)

     2. If you implement my strategies and you don't cut the cost per click of your existing campaigns by an absolute minimum of 25%, tell me within 90 days for a full, no-hassle refund. (Many, many customers slash their ad cost by 50%, 70%, even 80 or 90%!) 

     3. If you're not able to test new ideas at lower cost, find new markets and discover new customers because of this toolkit, just let me know within 90 days and you'll receive a full and courteous refund. What Are You Waiting For?

     So now that you know about this incredibly easy-to-use no-risk guide to growing your profits with Google, the next step is up to you.

     If you've read this far, it means you really are serious about bringing in new, profitable business using Google AdWords. All that's left is for you to take the action to do it.

     Don't put this off! You can be growing your web traffic in just 29 minutes. You can slash your marketing cost, and have more control than ever before. Click Here to access The Definitive Video Guide to Google AdWords via 100% secure online ordering.


Perry Marshall 

P.S.: You will receive ongoing updates as Google's system evolves, including the very latest developments in 2004 - Local & Regional ad placement, broad matching, sales conversion tracking and much more.



"WOW! This series is beyond any expectation anyone could imagine. From start to finish, every step of the way, this program is filled with insider, practical applicable information that can be easily followed, by even a newbie.

-Timothy Rea, President
Internet Marketing Group of Boulder

From a World-Renowned Advertising Copywriter

"Your Google AdWords course is dynamite. It's already helping me save a small fortune, pushing my clickthrough rate higher and generating more traffic to my ezine. I'm even using your techniques to sell an oceanfront home in the Hamptons in a whole new way, which may revolutionize real estate marketing in this pricey market. Your course is so good, I've made a resolution that every day I'm going to learn another secret from you, until I know everything you teach about succeeding with Google AdWords, and man, you teach a lot of great stuff."

- Gary Bencivenga, Garden City, NY, Named "Best Copywriter in America" by Boardroom Reports and Other Leading Direct Marketers

Copyright 2004. All Rights Reserved.
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Chicago IL 60402-4900 USA

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Instant 500% Boost:

"WOW! I got a 500% increase in response ... with just a quick "Band-Aid" fix. Can't wait to see what happens when I follow all of your suggestions."

- Jenny Hamby, Copywriter & Seminar Marketing Consultant, Plainfield, IL 

"300% Improvement"

"I increased my CTR by 300%!! This is just what I needed to help take the company to a higher level."

- Bill Flagg, Director of Sales & Marketing, RegOnline, Boulder, CO

Great Information for Beginners & Experts Alike:

"Well, you've managed to raise the bar again - the video is an amazing teaching resource. It's easy to use and understand, it's in a step-by-step format, and no matter if you're a beginner or expert, you can jump straight to the section you need. Every time I read something of yours, I learn something new. There are many imitators out there, but there is only one Perry Marshall!"

- Simon Chen, CEO - The X10 SeminarTM

25% Improvement in 10 Minutes: 

"I spent 10 minutes with it the day I got it and did one tweak that increased my CTR by over 25%. It's well written, brief, and filled with actionable suggestions."

- Howard Jacobson, Leads Into Gold, Ewing, NJ 

No Business Owner Should Be Without It:

"Wow - what a terrific product! The video is clear, concise, easy to understand and full of useful, applicable information. And it's broken into short, easy to digest segments. Any person can immediately apply the data in your video! The Definitive Video Guide to Google AdWords is a practical tool that no savvy business owner or marketing person should be without."

- Lyn Adelstein
Publishing and Marketing Consultant, Altadena, CA

0.3% to 48% in 30 Minutes! 

It's simply amazing watching my Click Thru Rate go from 0.3% up to 48.0% in less than 30 minutes.

The most important part is, I AM BEATING THE COMPETITION in cost and better yet finding areas of "no competition."

Thanks for such awesome marketing advice, your material is by far the most valuable e-book I have purchased. Your concepts are working for me, and I intend on running this as a service for alot of my web hosting clientel.

- John Finney, HOST4NET Affordable Web Site Design and Hosting

Learning New Tricks All the Time:

"I just had to let you know that your Definitive Video Guide to Google AdWords is exactly what's needed to thoroughly explain how we can use AdWords to make more money. I found that the videos really helped understand all the detailed AdWords info you provide. The video presentations seem to "sink in" really well and get your points across very effectively. I especially liked the "Bells & Whistles" video as I learned some things I wasn't aware of ... and I've been using Google AdWords for a year now. Your expertise is unrivaled when it comes to Google AdWords and this product is just another example of it."

- Dave Cushion, Expert Infoproducts, Dewitt, MI Instant 32% Improvement:


"I implemented your simple phrase matching technique, and immediately cut my ad cost by 32%. The response rate on our promotion increased too!"

- Edward Dale, London, UK

Lost Without It:

"Just thought I'd drop you a note to say thanks for the great ideas contained in both the Whitepapers & Google AdWords Definitive Guides. Any high-tech seller interested in wringing more out of their marketing budget is wandering lost without these essential resources!"

- Daniel Levis, 360 Networks, Utopia, Ontario, Canada 

Shave Weeks off the Learning Curve:

"Your Definitive Video Guide to Google AdWords is such a quantum leap ... and has already has given me the expertise to kill our competition on AdWords. If I had the Video Version to begin with, it would have shaved weeks off the learning curve! The Definitive Video guide to Google AdWords is like having you sit down at my computer with me, and explain exactly what to do to really be successful with Google AdWords. This Video Guide will be a great resource for me because it is so well organized into little video chapters. I can skip through it with a point and a click, and get a refresher course or tip any time I need it!

Thank You Very Much, Perry, I greatly appreciate your work and your help with your Definitive Guides to Google AdWords."

- Steve Wickham,

Praise from the author of GoogleCash: 

"I reference your book all the time. Your book will help my customers take their Google Cash knowledge to the next level.

- Chris Carpenter, Author, "GoogleCash," Salt Lake City, Utah

"Singlehandedly reformed our marketing"

"I read everything you send. Your advice, tips & training have single-handedly reformed our marketing budget for 2004"

- Dave McAnally, Marketing Director, PowerSurge Technologies, Waterloo, IA

Six Times More Clicks...

"I took my click-thru rate from 0.9% to 5.7% after listening to your mp3 session. And our site just jumped from a Google Page Rank 2 to a Page Rank 6 yesterday, after the last Google dance."

- Tony Kara, Mendax Microsystems, Montreal, Quebec

From the nation's #1 Web Marketing Seminar: 

"Perry knows what it's like to take an idea and develop it into a multi-million dollar business. And he's become the leading authority on how to use Google AdWords not only to drive large quantities of inexpensive, qualified traffic, but also to quickly and painlessly test product ideas, headlines, and ad copy for pennies... If you don't know Perry Marshall, you don't know Google AdWords. And if you don't know Google AdWords, you don't know this business."

- Ken McCarthy, The SYSTEM Seminar for Internet Marketing, Tivoli, NY

"One Expert Who Really Knows His Stuff"

"If there is one expert out there who really knows his stuff in terms of helping real-world marketers refine their sales process for business-to-business, especially technology, it's Perry Marshall. If you really want to drill down and focus on the B2B space, or get additional advice on how to make AdWords work for you in generating better-quality leads, then check out Perry's info."

- Andrew Goodman, Principal, Page Zero Media, Toronto, Ontario 

Cut Cost in Half - With 5x the Results...

"I joined your course 2 months ago and have cut my Google advertising in 
half with 5 times the results. I now realize that a lead is a lead and I 
do not have to spend 50 cents for the same lead that now costs me 7 cents! Thanks for all of your help."

- Bob Goldstein, Mr. Checkout Distributors Inc. Boca Raton, FL

"Required Reading if You Want to Market Online"

I'm telling everyone that your book is "required reading" if they want to market online. This has increased the traffic to my sites 10 fold in some cases. Best of all, I've never had a keyword shut down by Google for low CTR, and I've only done one round of "peel and stick" with my ads. I give all the credit to my recent AdWords success to you and your book. Thanks again. 

- Ryan Deiss, The Great Ezine Experiment, Austin TX